To each their own.

Our packaging ensures the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and adapts to the various storage and display conditions required by the market.

Apple Pear Apricot Peach/nectarine Plum Kiwi
tray (various weights) x x x
flow-packed punnet (various weights) x x x x x
heat-sealed punnet (various weights) x x x x x
case x x x x
crate x x x x x x
Mini bins x x x x
bins x x x x
double carton x x x x x x
bag (1.5 kg / 2 kg or other) x


Seriousness is always fruitful. Look at the technical data sheets of all our products.

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From the plant to the table, we are always there. Over the course of our history, we have become progressively more specialised in tailor-made solutions for large-scale retail both in terms of packaging and product variety.

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The same traditional quality, only faster. We have adopted all forms of technology that allow us to render our services to retailers more punctual, more versatile and faster.

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